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About Neil Antonius Arce

About Me

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Neil Antonius Arce (or Neil Arce) is a renowned figure in both the world of professional poker and the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing. With a diverse skill set and a relentless drive for success, Neil has made significant strides in multiple industries, leaving an indelible mark wherever he goes.

Poker Prodigy

Born and raised in the Philippines, Neil Arce discovered his passion for poker at an early age. With a keen analytical mind and a natural aptitude for strategy, he quickly rose through the ranks of the competitive poker circuit, earning respect and admiration from peers and rivals alike. Neil's dedication and tenacity culminated in numerous impressive victories in both local and international tournaments, solidifying his status as one of the Philippines' most formidable poker players.

Transition to Affiliate Marketing

After achieving remarkable success in the world of poker, Neil Arce set his sights on new horizons. Recognizing the evolving landscape of digital marketing, he seamlessly transitioned his expertise to the field of affiliate marketing. Drawing upon his strategic mindset and deep understanding of human psychology, Neil excelled in this dynamic arena, forging partnerships and driving growth for prominent brands.

Affiliates Manager at JeetBuzz

In his role as the Affiliates Manager at JeetBuzz, Neil Arce brings his wealth of experience and unparalleled passion to the forefront. JeetBuzz Affiliates BD (, a leading affiliate marketing platform at, benefits immensely from Neil's strategic insights and innovative approach. Leveraging his extensive network and industry knowledge, Neil fosters mutually beneficial relationships between affiliates and advertisers, driving revenue and maximizing ROI.

Philanthropy and Beyond

Beyond his professional pursuits, Neil Arce is deeply committed to making a positive impact in his community. He actively supports various charitable initiatives and endeavors to uplift those in need. Neil's philanthropic endeavors reflect his core values of compassion, integrity, and generosity, inspiring others to join him in creating a brighter, more inclusive world.


Neil Arce's journey from poker prodigy to Affiliates Manager at JeetBuzz epitomizes the spirit of adaptability and resilience. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Neil continues to leave an indelible mark on every endeavor he undertakes. As he navigates the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, Neil remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals across industries.

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